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Membership Process

Application Process

Please recognize that this process takes from one to two months dependent upon timing.

The steps to the process are as follows:

Prospective member application and three (3) sponsor letters must be submitted to the business office to the attention of the Membership Committee. Every candidate requires one primary sponsor and two secondary sponsors. The primary sponsor is required to sign the application. Copies of the letters are then sent to the Membership Committee and Board of Governors who have 48 hours to review the application. The candidate's name must be posted in print via our monthly publication, The Fairway, or in a Club mailing for at least 15 days for the membership's viewing. Candidate (and spouse, if married) must interview with the Membership Committee which meets the third Tuesday of every month. Following the interview, the candidate must be approved and admitted for membership by the Board of Governors, which meets the last Tuesday of each month.

Sponsor Letter Requirements

Sponsorship is an important undertaking and the letters of recommendation are crucial components of our membership application process. The purpose of these letters of recommendation is to provide the Membership Committee with the most accurate and complete information possible on the candidate and his or her family. The Membership Committee will use the information you provide, together with its own investigation of the candidate and a personal interview, to evaluate suitablility for Manufacturers' membership.

Some points that must be included:

Relationship: State the number of years you have known the candidate, whether you know the candidate through a business relationship, a social relationship, or both. List any common interests you might share.

Character: Evaluate the candidate's qualities of leadership, integrity, business ethics, social grace, community and/or charitable service.

Spouse: State the name of the candidate's spouse (if applicable) and discuss how you have interacted with the candidate's spouse (family) in a personal atmosphere.

Any information your sponsor can provide on these subjects, out of their own personal knowledge of the candidate, will be particularly helpful to the Committee. Please understand, it is far more important for sponsors to report on their own personal perceptions, impressions & knowledge of the candidate than to repeat the contents of a dossier. Since candidates cannot be scheduled to meet with Membership Committee until all the required letters of recommendation are received, we ask that sponsors give this matter prompt attention.

It is essential that your application and all sponsor letters are signed, dated and returned to the Clubhouse via mail or dropped off with our Receptionist. Emailed sponsor letters are not encouraged as original signatures are required for the process to move forward.

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Letters can be mailed to the Clubhouse:

 Membership Committee
Attn: Mary Orme
511 Dreshertown Road
Fort Washington, PA 19034

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