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Dress Code
Unless specified otherwise by a club event, the dress attire is country club casual. Denim apparel, of any color, baggy cargo shorts and t-shirts are not permitted on the Club property, including the pool area. Hats or visors may not be worn in the Clubhouse or Grille Room. Shirts must be worn tucked in at all times while on Club property unless the shirt is specifically designed not to be tucked in. Sandals are permitted. Bathing attire may only be worn in the enclosed Pool Area.

 Cell phones should not be used in the Clubhouse, including dining, patio, and bar areas. If necessary to carry a cell phone, it should be set to a non-ringing or vibration mode. If members or their guests receive a call, they should go to the locker room or a parking lot to carry on their conversation. Texting and sending emails are permitted as long as it is unobtrusive.

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