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Heritage Room

Heritage Room

Starting in 2011, a group of interested members of Manufacturers’ Country Club began to research the history of the Club going back to its founding in 1887. This effort uncovered numerous artifacts and material about the original club location in center city Philadelphia and the addition of the Country Club in 1925. The material was collected, catalogued and stored for preservation. They also discovered a rich history of the grounds of the country club and its surrounding area, and many prominent Philadelphians who were connected in some way to the Club or the land and buildings on which it stood.

In an effort to share this history, the Historic Preservation & Education Fund was created and through generous donations, the Fund was able to create the Heritage Room to display many of these items and tell the story of the club and grounds to everyone who visits the clubhouse. All visitors are welcome to go through the room and enjoy the material. You can also participate in a guided tour of the Heritage Room and the clubhouse .

The Historic Preservation Fund has also partnered with the Fort Washington Historical Society to host periodic events at the Club with speakers on the history of the area. The Fund will continue its research into these areas of connection to prominent people, historic events, and the influence of these individuals and events on the development of the area and the city of Philadelphia.


Tours of the Heritage Room and clubhouse are available to the public. Call 215-886-3200 with your with your name and contact information. All tours are on a Monday, and appropriate dress is required (no denim of any kind, no tank tops or tee shirts).